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Zero Emissions Fuel Cells


                                           Zero Carbon Footprint, 18-Wheelers + 60' Interstate Bus + Zero-Carbon Fuel Cell Power Plants

 According to United States Department of Energy, recently ....  ‘Fuel Cells have the potential to replace Internal Combustion Engines, in all vehicles,
provide power in stationary & portable power applications, because they are energy-efficient, clean & fuel-flexible’
.... This is an extremely powerful
endorsement from a very well-respected,  very conservative, scientific establishment in the good ol' US of A

Zero Emissions Fuel Cells have become the new buzz word all over the world - they produce clean, electrical power,  emit zero air pollution,
with the only by-product being clean, pure water - just as an added bonus. Fuel Cells are also 3 to 4 times more efficient than solar and wind
generation, without killing all the birds, and no need to keep those mirrors clean, 24/7. Fuel Cells were first used by NASA to provide power
for astronauts over fifty years ago, and still running ........ we sure have come a long way since then, baby.
                 ICA is not beholden unto any one single discipline or system, but can select the best solution for the client's wants, needs, application, and is
    more than capable of designing, building, and funding the very best possible solution, for any given set of variables, right from the ground up.

Our Zero Emission Power Modules can be used anywhere in the world - from hospital roof-tops, to data centres for police, military, to trucks,

   buses, cars, shopping centres, business parks, and leafy-green residential neighborhoods - even supply peak-grid use when loads are very high
even as Primary Micro Grid Power Provider without the need to be connected to any dysfunctional, missing and/or broken grid infrastructure.

  Time to replace those noisy, smelly, dirty ICE 'power-units' in all mass-transit buses, trains, haul trucks, family motor vehicles - the applications

  are limited only by ones own imagination .... who says you cant have your cake, and eat it - there's money to be made by getting rid of all those
dirty,  smelly NOX/CO2/CO producing ICE machinery that have strangled all our cities across America, Asia, Europe, to death and to the point
where these ICE machines are destroying sustainable life as we know it -  time to get to work, gentlemen

      For the latest updates, delivery, availability, price, financing packages - kindly email our CEO directly                                       

Kindly indicate the type of fuel cell application or carbon capture process you are you most interested in .....

Utility scale applications

                Utility and independent power producers seeking multi-megawatt solutions for clean easy-to-site power near existing
                electrical substations or to supply the electric grid

On-site combined heat and power

                Ideal applications for our megawatt class fuel cell power plants are power users with significant and continuous power
                needs and that have a use for high grade heat suitable for making steam. Annual power usage of 11 million kWh or more
                supports installation of one of our megawatt-class SureSource solutions.

                Carbon capture

                Power generators of tens or hundreds of megawatts that are seeking efficient and affordable carbon capture for gas or
                coal-fired power generation, including utilities, independent power producers and large industrial operations.

                ZEV Mass Transportation

                ICA has access to leading-edge Zero Emission Vehicle Systems from all over the world - we are not beholden unto any
                single discipline or system, but can select the best solution for the client's application - thus we are capable of designing,
                building, funding the best possible solution for any given set of variables ....from the ground up


It is really high time we stopped polluting our population, our cities, our world with deadly NOX/CO/CARBON/SMOG ...



Portable power – For business users, buses & trucks, emergency and disaster relief workers or the military.
                            Stationary power to rural homes, villages, schools, health care centres.
                            Back-up power to Telecom base stations, IT systems, Police & Military, and remote monitoring systems.

                            Modular Product Line

                            As our customer’s power requirements increase, our modular design allows for additional modules that
                            can be stacked to meet the new requirement without having to replace the existing system - better ROI


Power usage of 11 million kWh supports installation of a clean compact, megawatt-class SureSource solution ....


New Production startup in Europe post Brexit - kindly submit all formal requests to our Group CEO directly                    

                 Pure, clean zero-emissions standby power source is your megawatt-class SureSource solution
                                By implementing a fuel cell system for your alternative energy needs, you have a solution that:

                                        • Significantly outperforms state of the art fuel cell catalysts.

                                        • Is highly adaptable and scalable.

                                        • Delivers overall efficiency that is 4 times greater than solar power and 3 times greater than wind power.

                                        • Uses fewer natural resources in order to meet consumers’ vast energy needs.     

                                                • Fuel cells do not pollute, produce pure water as a by-product - place one in a field, watch the birds & butterflies come.

                                        • Zero carbon combined with multiple use and high reliability - 12/24 months ROI on average - breathing is easy, finally


                           Hydrogen as Fuel

Power generators consume massive quantities of oil/gas/coal and produce vast amounts of co/co2/nox etc into our pristine
                      atmosphere - the smartest, most efficient way of eliminating the above smog problem, is to simply use a 'carbon-free' fuel
                      source - hydrogen. A hydrogen-fueled Fuel Cell produces highly efficient power and its only by-product is H2O or water
                      Converting the above oil/gas/coal to hydrogen is the current modus-operandi, but the process is highly inefficient add the
                      high production costs, plus by-products are simply exacerbating our global pollution-problem, and not reducing/solving it
                      Electrolysis of Water

                      Electrolysis consists of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis of water is 75-80% efficient
                      which is a higher efficiency than steam reforming of natural gas which is 60-70% efficient. The (electrical) efficiency of
                      electrolysis is expected to reach 82-86% before 2030, while also maintaining durability as progress in this area continues

                      Water electrolysis can operate between 50-80'C, while steam/methane reforming requires much higher temps of  between
                      700-1100'C. The difference between the two methods is the amount of primary energy used, be it electricity for electrolysis
                      or natural gas for steam methane reforming - the higher energy use is significant, as are the huge increases in pollutants.

                     Due to the use of water, as a readily available resource, electrolysis and similar water-splitting methods have attracted the
                     interest of the scientific community. Sea Water - 75% of the earth's mass, is an obvious clean, abundant carbon-free source
                     for most countries in the world, with the added bonus of producing potable water as well .. now for some interesting bits.


                                  hydrogen is simply amazing fuel



Climate Change

                                         The Obama/Gore/Paris Climate Change Scam - instead of whining about millions of drowning polar bears, extolling all
                                  the tree-hugging liberals to steal all our money, ICA has decided to do something about the problem - ask Obama, Kerry,
                                  Gore et al, if they have ever heard of fuel-cells, and you will receive their normal moronic blank stares - not one of these
                                  thieves ever held any kind of real job - ever - they are simply common thieving carpetbaggers - aka dishonest politicians

                     CANCER RAMPANT IN UK



                   NOX CANCER ...... Fifty percent of all Britons have cancer today, thanks to Big Oil and Corrupt Politicians

               Theoretical maximum efficiency
The maximum theoretical energy efficiency of a fuel cell is 83%, operating at low power density and using pure
hydrogen, pure oxygen as reactants (assuming no heat recapture) According to the World Energy Council, this
compares with a maximum theoretical efficiency of only 28% for internal combustion engines.


    Stationary fuel cells are used for commercial, industrial and residential primary and for backup power generation.
 Fuel cells are
very useful as power sources in remote locations, such as spacecraft and remote weather stations,
large parks, communications
centers, rural locations including research stations, in certain military applications

These fuel cell system running on hydro
gen can be compact and lightweight, and have zero major moving parts.

                     Because fuel cells have no moving parts, do not involve combustion, they can
achieve up to 99.9999% reliability.

This equates to under one minute of downtime over a six year period.

 Since fuel cell electrolyzer systems do not store fuel internally, but rather rely on external storage units, they can
be success
fully applied in large-scale energy storage, rural areas being one example. There are so many different
types of stationary fuel
cells so efficiencies vary, but most are between 40% and 60% energy efficient, but however,
when the fuel cell's waste heat is used
to heat or cool a building .... like when used in a co-generation system this
efficiency  will increase to 85% or higher

        Portable power systems

    Portable fuel cell systems are generally classified as weighing under 10 kg and providing power of less than 5 kW. 
market size for smaller fuel cells is quite large with an up to 40% per annum potential growth rate and
a market size of about
$10 billion, leading a great deal of research to be devoted to the development of portable
power cells. Within this market two
groups have been identified. The first is the microfuel cell market, in the 1-50
  watt range for power smaller electronic devices. 
The second is the 1-5 kilowatt range of generators for larger scale
power generation (e.g. military outposts, remote oil fields).

  Microfuel Cells are primarily aimed at penetrating the market for phones and laptops - primarily attributed to the
advantageous energy density provided by fuel cells over a lithium-ion battery, for the entire system. For the
    battery, this system
includes the charger as well as the battery itself. For the fuel cell this system would include the
cell, the necessary fuel plus all
the other peripheral attachments.

    On a comparison basis - Fuelcells provide 530 Wh/kg compared to 44 Wh/kg for Lithium Ion.

  However, while the weight of fuel cell systems offer a distinct advantage, current costs are not in their favor - do not
Moore's Law - as Fuelcell costs drop exponentially over the years/months - watch efficiencies ramp up quickly.

One of the key advantage of fuel cells in this special market is the huge power-to-weight advantage. While fuel cells
  might be considered expensive
they work well in any remote locations that require lightweight, dependable energy, a
 very recent US military 72 x hour exercise, the fuelcell pack
weighed in at only 15lb/7kg compared to 29lb/14kg, for
all battery types, needed to supply the same amount of energy - it is  really a no-brainer.

                                 The future is now ....

                                    zero combustion = zero air pollution
                             zero moving parts = 99.9% reliability  
                             water as fuel = abundant, cheap fuel supply
                             light weight = very high power-density

                                          Here's The Big New Kid On The Block - The Compact Fusion Reactor ... for more information please call   + 1336 480 6692    + 2783 7777 800     + 353 8922 34653   + 668 0783 5665     + 417 8860 2016 - Thank You - Your Health Is Very Important To Us

There's A Big New Kid On The Block - The Compact Fusion Reactor


                                                                         Container Sized Power Blocs - Kiss The Grid Goodbye ... Forever


"HOMES"            Affordable Housing for Police, Military, Commercial Buildings, Schools, etc

"Pylons"                   Pylons, Transmission Cable, Switchyards, Substations, Distribution Boards, etc

Secure           Unmanned GPS Drone Perimeter/Asset/Road/Military/Customs/Immigration Protection

Secure                Large Civil & Military Works, All Mining, Rail & Road, Military Asset Protection