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Reset ... the end of one journey, the start of another ... without waxing poetic, we all knew this was a temporary gig, and
that being in-control was paramount - at all times - nobody wants to be wired-up, like some hapless Rhesus-lab-monkey,
to a bunch of AI/ICU machines, whilst the local sawbones/vultures/crackheads experiment with a batch of the latest and
greatest useless, uber-expensive snake-oils [drugs] from Big Pharma - on your poor ol' defenseless body and mind, all in
the name of pseudo-science
... said hypocrite quacks now having moved-on, replacing Hippocrates - but y'all still cannot
fix common cold - please stop all the hype about how y'all gonna fix this aging process - Big Pharma will simply bill one's
ever-deflating estate - after y'all pass - with zero ethical accountability, responsibility, und zero dignity - its all a big scam.

The jury is still out as to which event causes one more personal pain - whether its the aging process, per se - or simply not
consummating any of several very large international projects that are incredibly promising, but, unfortunately did not pan
out, but never-the-less consumed vast amounts of time, energy, resources, cash, patience, political cap[ital, et al .....

South Africa is especially disappointing, to say the least - once the unpolished diamond, and powerhouse of all of Africa,
now just a mere frail, fragile, broke shell of its former wealth/glory - just like Venezuela - after a mere 20 years of black
rule by the ANC gangsters who ripped the country a new one - the terrorist ANC government is totally corrupt ...  don't
give a damned hoot about the country, or its people - they came into power to plunder - period, simple statement-of-fact.
There is nothing anybody can do to save SA, nor would want to, like every other failed-state in Africa, SA is dead - kaput.

Libya was another Obama/Clinton kludge, perpetrated simply to steal all its assets, further Obama's Arab Spring, Muslim
Brotherhood ruse to flood EU/USA with refugees, aided, abetted by Blair, Hollande, et al - Libya is a complete wreck, its
people were destroyed by incompetent, political communist fools, who should all be incarcerated immediately - Gitmo is
still open for business, folks - and its free...

And y'all wonder why the Hapless Brits want a clean, WTO-Style-Brexit from the still-born EU in Brussels - time to grow a
pair, smell the coffee - Europe today, is as a consequence of this closet communist mantra, now a part and parcel of this
huge, failed WMD [Bush Faux One/ Faux Three] refugee resettlement plan that went terribly wrong, that triggered 9/11,
destroyed Europe - WWIII has just been lost - communists are trying to do the same in USA ...  lock & load gentlemen

Sudan & Romania, to mention just two others that are being dragged around by the feet, also have huge upside, but one
would be remiss were we not to mention a couple of bad actors who cannot be held blameless, who simply do not possess
the talent, skills to further the cause, and are too obstinate to realize, even after repeated directions/memos to recognize
and correct said shortcomings, to finally relinquish control - [or lack thereof] - that has stalled any/all progress, but that
does not mitigate any of the blame for said failures - that too, ultimately, is owned by moi ... 100%

Sacrificing the group's best - nay, only - real hope of closing any large deal, with massive untold wealth the reward, a rich
legacy, a dynasty quite possibly beyond compare, simply because some shiny new must have toy beckons, is juvenile in the
extreme -  as is procrastinating on any decision-making process - the odds in our favor are phenomenal - the payoff is in
the hundreds of millions of dollars - where else can one get those odds, that sort of pay off
nowhere ... what is not to like
about this type of 'investment?' ... the costs are literally almost zero, chump-change -  relative to the upside potential.

It is high time y'all let go of those childlike egos, stop listening to gossip, silly naysayers and BS - time to prioritize ones'
goals, functions, responsibilities, time to realize, affirm who your real allies & friends are, sans all those carpetbaggers. 

Procrastination leads to lost positions on critical, expensive plant, aircraft, losses instead of profits, weakened future buy
positions, due to specific non-performance, et al, allowing even more competition and additional bad actors into the fray.

a little cathartic cleansing is always good for the soul, aligns the poles, lightens the spirit, removes anxieties,
doubts, resets priorities, helps one regain control .... most folks toil their entire life, only to die in abject poverty, others
dont even get the opportunity to get decent or indeed, any employment - our group situation is a gift from heaven - right
on the cusp of greatness, financial and intellectual freedom to do some good in this mad, LBGTQ #me-too world, it would
be a mortal sin to squander this magnificent opportunity ..... but squander it we did - but not without help from two-faced,
lying charlatans, hypocrites who masqueraded as team-players .... unfortunately, as things have panned out, such success
was was not to be - not turning over the reins to the professional closers when told to do so, has destroyed opportunities
dramatically - turned everything around 360'

That specific crown was one that only Kevin-The-Kidnap-Kid had a real firm grip on, until now - Kevin was wanted by the
FBI in several countries for fraud, money laundering, etc - we now have a new kid on the block, with his own solid string
of failures, misrepresentations, a total waste of political, financial capital, by simply not being honest enough to admit to
their own shortcomings, and turn over the pending deals - if there indeed was ever a real-deal in the first place, to ICA
management - most of the time it was simply a crude attempt at circumventing ICA, as we would discover - with a bit of
document fraud thrown in for good measure ... with the new kiss-of-death-kid pretty much following the Kidnap Kid's
modus-operandi in Romania and South Sudan - add Boeing for good measure - tigers rarely change their spots, though

To wit, there's Ireland, Libya then Turkey, Romania, Sudan to mention a few - and dont forget the spectacular explosion in
Beirut, Lebanon, where we had just scored a major 2.2GB Power Bloc, that literally destroyed their city ... plus the billions
of dollars wasted on corruption, and the millions of lives destroyed via starvation, medical malpractice etc - Bill Gates not
even able to fix XP and is suddenly a medical wonk - he, like Obama, Soros, et al are charlatans, fraudsters, marxists, who
should be taken out back, to the woodshed, and dealt with ... preferably the one on Gitmo.... where Obama belongs

Always eternally thankful to Daw, Sam, Dom, Dave, Manning, Jaco, Stuart, Andrew et al - there is a special place in Heaven
for y'all - will always leave the porch lite on  ...

Might just do a bit of deep-sea fishin' .... God Bless, y'all, God Bless America, God Bless Trump ....

Do not let Biden steal this election - the Democrats can only ever win via cheating - they are useless, devious douchebags
Can you imagine the outcry replacing the Queen of England, with some illiterate transvestite muslim katoey from Algeria

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