Pylons, Transmission Cable, Switchyards, Transformers

We have added this section as it is often totally ignored in the planning stages -  could they even co-exist without each other - required to get power from point
A-B - keep the generators secure - can have a huge impact on society.

These are brief summaries with the relevant URL included for reference - technology today has totally encompassed our lives - it has blurred the
lines between all our frontiers - we try to stay at the top of the heap when it comes to the latest & greatest in aviation, aircraft, power generation, water
desalination & finance - we source aircraft from around the world OEM, Off Market, Spot Market, Equity Party Partners, IMF & World Banks, as well as
various defaulting clients who need to make peace with their suppliers of goods - we source power products everywhere 24/7.

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We have several late slots available, plus a couple more slots in early 2015 - it seems a long way out, but the early bird always catches all the worms



The first ever solid-state switchyard.


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"HOMES"           Affordable Housing for Police, Military, Commercial Buildings, Schools, etc

"Pylons"           Potable Water Systems, Flash Desalination Plants, Water Distribution Systems, etc

Secure           Unmanned GPS Drone Perimeter/Asset/Road/Military/Customs/Immigration Protection

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