Evolutionary Elevator Power Platforms

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                                                                                           The Evolution of Modern Power Platforms

Because of the huge draw on new floating barges in the larger A1 Class of +300 feet, the attendant difficulty in locating suitable moorings and the prohibitive
costs surrounding their in-situ maintenance, and coupled with the high production costs and lead time -   we decided to think outside the box & use a slightly
more novel approach - which - once our engineers had studied & diagnosed the actual cause & affect - decided it was indeed a no-brainer - we solved several
rather profound problems that had evaded us for some time previously - with our somewhat biased thought processes ....  saving you time, saving you money

The JUB is completely at home in inclement weather, turbulent seas and extremely harsh weather conditions - perfect for any job, plus we save a whole bunch
of time, dry dock fees and the dreaded rollover fear is completely eliminated. Most of the ultra large + 120MW floating Power Platforms have extremely high
centre of gravity and have an inherent roll over factor if there is a short or lock up in the turbine - trying to right one of these 500MT monsters is a complete
no-no ... simply catch the first available flight home and wait for the lawyers to call or better still, emigrate to the Seychelles or Belize, and get used to fishing

Because the JUB is completely out of the water for all of its life - metal corrosion from salt and electrolysis is totally absent - no more of those very expensive
monthly checks, no more expensive cleaning and massive annual hull haulout bills - it makes power 24/7 - it is completely stable - 4 legs or 6 legs per platform

We have cut expensive dry dock build time by 50% - we deploy sooner - you make power/money sooner - that helps to keep the investor and users very happy

Right now we can offer 40MW  80MW & 120MW variants in under 180 day build times - they will burn HFO, D2 or LNG - we can place the fuel skid & power
transformer on a separate barge, as & if required - please call or email us immediately for an in-depth quotation - please note - strict financial conditions apply

No more uprisings and government overthrows, strikes and sabotage - witness all that plagues Africa and the Middle East - these are not a bunch of crackpot
fundamentalists who dont like the color of someones burqa - these are folks who dont have decent potable water, ablutions, air conditioning and power to run
their lives at basic human-being levels - stuff that we all take for granted - whilst their rulers languish in Europe and the USA in palatial splendor and luxury
This is all they demand - just decent, reliable electricity so that they may cook, iron , light their homes, and watch a little TV - which they are fully entitled to

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                              Above is
Yesterdays Old Legacy Expensive, Unstable, Unmovable, Dangerous, Flip-Flop, Floating Power Barge

                                                       It doesnt get much simpler than this - drag it in, jack it up, make power - in one day!!
igger is Better - a large semi can produce +500MW

We are commited to deliver the finest quality power from a wide range of fuel sources, including natural gas, coal, oil,
petroleum coke, wind, biomass solar and
water. Rather than being tied to a single type of technology or force-fitting
a rigid solution, we identify what each particular market and environment can best
support. This helps to bring
numerous benefits, including increased generation capacity and reliability and lower costs to consumers                     

Design brief considers hurricane storm conditions and temporary loss of  gas supply, with diesel storage to maintain
generation availability.  Consideration is
given to reducing pollution by installing selective catalytic reduction (SCR) 
units to reduce NOX on the HRSGs. The power plant may be operated similarly to
any land based combined cycle
generating facility, with on-board operators performing similar functions. The multiple turbines, gas compressors, transformers
built into the design also provide a high degree of redundancy, efficiency, high return-on-investment (ROI) and high cash flows

We have a wide range of Mobile Power Containers & Trailers, which can be deployed within days and shipped anywhere in the world within weeks - with almost
zero-time setup - we will bring the power directly to you -  5MW - 50MW 50/60 Hz  - Prices are extremely competitive also > $300K/MW.

It doesnt get any simpler - we design, build & deliver the project to you - no five year wait for permits 

             8MW             24MW                          

       MODULAR +

The Modular Power concept above - for quick land installations .... plus Power Barge as below, for serious offshore work


The floating offshore power generation facility was initially conceived as a means of monetizing stranded offshore natural gas,  whilst simultaneously permitting
offshore oil production in the deep waters off the Gulf of Mexico. Interest is now being shown by - Independant Power Producers - to generate electrical power
offshore, so as to reduce lengthy permit procedures required by land based power plants. A permanently moored, semi-submersible platform measuring say 300
x 200 ft (100m x 50m) supports the entire power plant and all its associated equipment.

These rugged, low maintenance, work horses demand little except fuel ... some other advantages:-

    * Proven power plant design, many plants still operating after +25 years.

    * Unlimited by power generation equipment size, technology or plant capacity.

    * Single or multi complex units located in ''easy access'' port locations

Latest News ....

We are intimately involved with the Western Power Corridor project - the biggest in the world - feel free to call me on this, if you wish, to supply Power Barges
We take power directly to the raw materials source, immediately.... not the other way around .....


Shell-Qatar have just finished the biggest gas-fluid plant in the world - Nigeria is the next project - which is in the WPC sector - we are intimately involved in this
project - its extremely power intensive, wont wait the years and years to get approval of land based power stations that never seem to get beyond planning stages


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