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There is not much else on this planet that gets a mans blood boiling quicker than the mere mention of that black molasses goop

FOR SALE        500K/B/D & 300/K/B/D - BOTH LIKE NEW SURPLUS REFINERIES         WILL PROCESS 5x DIFFERENT CRUDE TYPES         BRING BUYER WITH LOI/POF         CALL NOW + 2783 7777 800 + 417 8860 2016 + 1336 724 0289


ICA fell into the commodity business quite by accident ... one of our aircraft clients ran out of cash, but did have access to a fairly large stackpile of Gold Bullion.
Naturally we tried selling the gold at first, but ran into payment issues, so we asked our bankers to monetize it - that worked out quite well, and hey-presto ICA,
was in the 'Gold Bullion' business ..... at about the same time many of the commodity economies went totally pear-shaped, as cash was in a very short supply, a
hang-over from the 2008 TBTF Recession, no duubt. Although it did not appear to be an opportune time to enter the market then - as it was swimming in crude,
crude distillates, coal,gold, which are  the only ones we currently trade in - it did open several interesting opportunities  in more profitable, developing markets.


In order for fracturing to occur in rocks at deeper depths, the confining pressure caused by the immense load resting on top of the over lying layers of rock must be
able overcome. To overcome this pressure, the process of hydraulic fracturing introduces fluids until the pressure exerted by the added fluids overcomes the tensile
strength of the rock causing fractures. The fractures are oriented in a perpendicular position from the wellbore since that is the origin point of the fracturing fluids.

  <  2,500 HP   >  

Hydraulic fracturing is done using an encased wellbore, with the desired target zone for the fracturing set by perforating the wellbore at a given location. The
fracturing fluids are pumped until the pressure exceeds what is known as the fracture gradient. The fracture gradient refers to the pressure increase per unit of
depth needed to fracture the rock.

The Global commodity-based economies compliment our Water and Power generation portfolio well - the world is still a very, very, long way from running on a very
bad, funky, unreliable expensive, solar, wind [Nevada Lithium Battery Scam still recharges off the same dirty oil/coal burning grid] - any time soon - in spite of what
America's two uber communist, liberal, clueless 'Doom and Gloom Prophets Obama, Gore' have to say - nor that Obama's Paris 2015 Scam essentially hands China,
India a 13 year free-pass on burning dirty fossil fuels like oil/coal, all-the-while boot-strapping all of America's Heavy Industries to run on wind, solar and the Musk
snakeoil batteries - God Bless President Trump

ICA also just added a great, new Flash Distillation Technology to our Power Blocs, which allows one to produce Potable Drinking Water instantly - at the same time
that our plant is producing power - even at night when there is zero sun and on those windless days when one actually needs decent air conditioning the most, our
FLASH system is producing potable water as a by-product, is 400% more efficiently than any power-hog RO that destroys coastlines with salt effluent ... link below

Our procedures are quite simple really ... ICA Makes Money The Old Fashioned Way - We Earn It
There are zero Wall St Scams, Unicorns, Prime Deliveries, AI or Free Pizza even
You pay your money, you get exactly what you paid for ... no more ... no less
We pay excellent success-fees - any denomination, any country



400k/b/p/b Refurbed Oil Refinery - Sale and Relocation

 1.    Project-introduction and brief description

        The capacity of the refinery is equivalent to 400,000 bpd. (= 16 Mil. MT/a) crude oil feed.

        Crude Oil was received from North and West Africa.

        The Refinery was originally designed for Arabian Light Sweet Crude Oil.

                                                                             Plant is in full commercial operation

         All of the refining facilities are in best overall and mechanical conditions, properly maintained, 

 2.3  Scope of Supply & Services

       Within the offer included:

      As is / Where is

       Dismantling, Cleaning, Preservation, Packing and Labeling/Marking

       Procurement and supply of complementary materials / Detail engineering

       Transportation / Construction / Re-assembly / Advisory

       Start Up Assistance, Training


ICA's vision is to be a 'go-to' energy company most admired for its honesty, integrity and performance.
To realize this type of ideal, we strive to build relationships based on performance, collaboration & trust
In order to participate, buyer needs a verifiable CV, a proven track record, impeccable banking records.

ICA has a portfolio of high quality select lite crude, distillate products available to qualified buyers
ICA's financial, legal departments will implement all necessary due-diligence on potential buyers

The new OPEC Reference Basket of Crudes (ORB) is made up of the following: Saharan Blend (Algeria),
Girassol (Angola), Oriente (Ecuador), Iran Heavy (Islamic Republic of Iran), Basra Light (Iraq),
Export (Kuwait), Es Sider (Libya), Bonny Light (Nigeria), Qatar Marine (Qatar),
Arab Light (Saudi Arabia),
Murban (UAE) and Merey (Venezuela).

Several Like-New Modular 25k/50k/b/d Refineries For Sale - From $50m each + EPC+M .... Call + 1336 480 6692 + 2783 7777 800 + 417 8860 2016 + 668 0783 5775
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"HOMES"         Affordable Housing for Police, Military, Commercial Buildings, Schools, etc

"Pylons"           Pylons, Transmission Cable, Switchyards, Substations, Distribution Boards, etc

Secure         Unmanned GPS Drone Perimeter/Asset/Road/Military/Customs/Immigration Protection

Secure           Large Civil & Military Works, All Mining, Rail & Road, Military Asset Protection

           Large Perimeter Area De-mining, Clearance For Human Habitation, Protection

          Large Power Grid, Micro Grid for reliable Air-conditioning, Potable Water Distribution

            Large Scale Potable Water & Desalination Plants, from 5MLD ~ 25MLD

ICA Will Fund Your Entire 'Make Libya Great Again' Reconstruction Project

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