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ICA, as a rule, does not do social media - it is a total waste-of-time - neither do we do politics, religion, mission statements,
human resources, nor any of that nanny-state-corporate-drivel that consumes every non-productive person's life - what we
do, with extreme prejudice, is indulge in honest-to-goodness-business - we make money the old fashioned way, we earn it.

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                                                Avgas fire amost wiped out Sculley's $2m T-28 rebuild at Santa Monica Airport

                                                                                 Elegant, fast, and a whole bunch of fun

                                                                           About the only view of this 200bhp bad boy                                      

                                                                          Next Generation Shipping - Zero Nox Fuel Cell

                                                                           300' Exhibition Yacht - Zero Carbon Fuel Cell

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