A skilled, knowledgeable Banker is an absolute must - an absolute asset in guiding one through this process, even prior to a project 
aquisition or build process begins.
Because there are several types of loan packages available, one in particular has become extremely
viable - therefore lets concentrate on it - because of its popularity.      

The task of setting up a decent financial package, with the correct tax benefits, deductions, cashflows, can be a difficult & time consuming process at the best of time
It is most helpful to see an overview of the process from a professesional's point-of-view, so that one becomes more
au fait with complex financial processes and laws.

  Private Placement Platform Investors - what is required to qualify:

o    A minimum of USD10 Million in cash located in a major bank in Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia

o    All investors must be cleared - additionally, the investor's company must also be cleared

o    Investors are invited to join - they might be accepted - they can never demand to be accepted

o    The investor himself must be the only person that the trading group deals with - no lawyers or relatives.

o    Investors with the most money get immediate attention - $100m gets a lot more attention than $10m.

o    Referrals are Gold - it is not easy to meet the right professional people, intermediaries and/or brokers

o    An investor can easily change service at any time by issuing a simple Cease & Desist order.

These are some of the investor risks when using unprofessional, inexperienced bankers

o    Nothing will come out of the trade; no contact and no profit, just frustration after weeks/months of waiting.

o    Investors, or their Intermediaries are “shopping around” with client documents, which will result in blacklisting.

o    The investor is told that he must move his funds out of his own control to an escrow account, etc.

o    The investor is told that he must buy a bank instrument - in worst-case scenario, the instrument is a fake, useless.

o    The investor is told that he must pay up-front fees which are lost or spent, and nothing more will ever happen.

o    Call us confidentially - there is zero obligation, no Federal disclosure, only professional courtesy & decent profits                          


Goldman Sachs was Obama's number-one private campaign contributor who placed a Citigroup executive in charge of his economic transition team - and then named
an executive of JP Morgan Chase, the proud owner of $7.7 million in Chase stock, his new chief of staff - this Obama, Wall St. betrayal is just simply surreal, what a
bitch-slap - unbelieveable. So now that we have almost interest-free money, but the banks wont lend to anyone except a big blue-chip company - all major US  Banks
are so flush with US Taxpayer cash they hoard it in Ireland and BVI - all taxfree & offshore - safe from the Obama welfare bootleggers, who fund the puppet regime

Anybody with large amounts of cash will do anything rather than take the miserable 0.5% interest - before taxes - that is being offered by the major US, EU Banks.
This is where we come into play - we can offer - to a very select audience - any sum of money from a very discrete source that can be used to expand your business.

Because the Global Population is expected to double by 2030 there is a burgeoning middle class that will drive air travel exponentially - for perhaps the next 50 years
or more - ask Boeing & Airbus - they have massive order books with back orders in excess of U$D 300B each -  Paris Air Show alone was a monster $150B Bonanza


We have a general belief that the sharing of information is the best way to promote good governance and best business practice - however - at the same time, we are
very well aware that it would not be a smart  idea to reveal everything in this writing, or on a public forum - this kind of trading will continue to flourish because it is 
profitable, serves the businessman well, is discrete and it is unknown to the general public at large, as well as the majority of your mom and pop traditional investors.

If all wealthy people knew about it - and also had access to legal funds - then they would not place their funds in the stock markets, Forex, banks, or other traditional
risk investment vehicles - knowing about something is not the same as knowing where it is, having access to it - one has to be invited to join or participate
-call now


With recent further ECB & US Bank contraction, we have acquired a new source of secured, prime funding for USA & International Projects - we established a source
primarily for all our new Startup Airlines, all new and used Aircraft leases, all lease-purchases, Power
Station funding, Power Barges & Water Desalinization Projects

We are also proud to be able to offer funding for major infrastructure projects as below - in that we safeguard the quality of the construction and therefore the funding
source, certain technical and engineering preconsiderations have to be taken  into account - we have our own globally approved EPCM group that will ensure the entire
project from the design, engineering & construction phase, all the way through to the commissioning and handover phase is professionally handled, running continuous
ISO output - without which, neither Rolls Royce nor General Electric, et al,  will honor their excellent, global generator and turbine warranties and after-sales services

Below are docs that will hopefully help your cause - please email Sam directly - he will gladly walk you thru the entire process           >>>                   

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