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The Ultimate Ego Trip - Your Name On Your Very Own Aircraft


There are only two reasons why any decent start-up airline fails - really, really bad management plus lack of adequate capitalization - we have both of these essential ingredients
covered to ensure your survival and make sure you make a bundle of money. Most bad management is due to a lack of bespoke airline business acumen - we have got you covered

 Essentials required to start your own airline & succeed in this exciting and rewarding environment                                                                                      

The consulting services we offer include all aspects of airline and operational set-up - including but not limited to:


 Airport Development and Consulting

In addition to our Airline Consulting, we offer input into Airport Development as well as recommendations and installation of an appropriate A.O.D.B system ( Airport Operating
Database & management System). This database considers all the prevailing factors which might have a bearing upon the airport and its profitability, including but not limited to:


Aircraft - Purchase or Lease

Many factors influence the decision process but basically these can be broken down into three main areas:

Aircraft Usage


        The A330-200 the new bluesky workhorse - tough & economical  

ICA has the resources, ability to construct and build a full service airport like the above - anywhere in the world - we can finance it from conception to completion
Including funding bespoke aircraft via new-era funding platforms, personnel to staff & run the airline successfully, profitably -
additionally, we can offer full BOT
funding for the entire project

BOT (Build Operate Transfer)

BOT is prevalent in both the infrastructure of major projects and in public & private partnership - in the BOT framework a third party, say a private sector entity,
design and build the infrastructure as well as operate and maintain these facilities for a certain period.
During this honeymoon period the private party has the responsibly to raise all the finance for the project and is thereby entitled to retain all revenues generated by
the project but is not the legal owner of the subject facility - said facility will then be transferred to the public administration at the end of the concession agreement,
without any remuneration of the private entity involved - some of the following parties could be involved in a BOT project.

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Custom build your very own Fleet of New/Used Airbus & Boeing aircraft - please visit the link below for all aircraft funding                               

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