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ICA Will Fund All Your Humanitarian Projects


Our Asset Recovery Program Is Available For Potable Water Systems, Power Generation, New Aircraft & Airlines + MRO, New Oil & Gas Refineries, Military Protection...


                                                                                                              Asset Recovery Fund Package


                        ICA is now positioned to sanitize any class of illegal asset, be it Gold, Currency, Any Bond or Heritage Fund, Sovereign Instruments, Off Balance Sheet
                        Ledgers,  etc, from any where in the world - zero quibble - when the Black Ops helicopters hover above your house at 3 in the morning, its too late - you
                        will never ever get  out of that US Penitentiary alive

                        This program is aimed at very-high net-worth individuals who have at least $500m in hard currency, [any denomination], Gold Bullion or other assets that
                        are hidden or off-ledger. Once the 'criminal' is registered with ICA and has followed the procedures correctly, they are automatically granted immunity
                        from Federal prosecution - they really have very little choice in the matter - its either a funeral parlor in a body-bag or fly executive class on Con Air to a
                        US Penitentiary, in a G550, wearing a matching pair of stainless-steel bracelets

                        Because of its unique position in Global Asset Management, ICA is able to offer the "Criminal-Client" total immunity from Federal prosecution, by the US
                        Department of Justice, US Treasury, etc - this is a limited-time opportunity to get illegal assets out of mainstream circulation where they facilitate global
                        drug trafficking, terror wars all over the ME, world

                        This program essentially acts as a Global Clearing Bank - by special assignment of the Pentagon - its the US Treasury Custodian - a (US International   
                        Banking Regulation  FATCA  Enforcement) - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 2010 [FATCA], registered at the Bank of International Settlements, in
                        Basel, Switzerland, to act as a Federal Agent

                        A skilled. knowledgeable world class banker, is a must - an absolute asset in guiding one through this highly complex process, even prior to acquisition
                        or the build process begins There are so many variables in today's complex financial world, that an expert banker is invaluable - more so than a lawyer,
                        this allows the owner to concentrate on making money

                        The task of setting up a decent financial package, with the correct tax benefits, deductions, real cash-flows, etc, are difficult, time consuming process at
                        the best of times It is critical mass that one is able to see an overview of the project performance from a professional banker's point-of-view, as owner
                        becomes more au-fait with the said complexities of a successful business, and its very laws

                         ICA requires very few essential documents in order to begin due process - the upside is the criminal has the option of being able to migrate from being a
                        very wanted/dead scumbag to a rich world-class, citizen, a veritable gentleman   -

Documents Required



              ICA is capable of handling all aspects of the repatriation/sanitizing operation - including but not limited to the following asset classes:

Various Types Of Asset Class


+1336 724 0289


 Water Desalination, Power Bloc Development, Installation

                        In addition to our Airline Consulting, Aircraft Sales, we offer full implementation of bespoke Water & Power solutions for developing countries, including
                        US Treasury IMF/WB Funding as well as installation of appropriate Database, considers all the prevailing factors which might have a bearing upon the
                        project, its profitability - but not limited to ..


Types of Equipment Financing

                        Many factors influence the decision process but basically these can be broken down into these main areas:

H2O/Water Desalination




            BOT (Build Operate Transfer)

            BOT is prevalent in both the infrastructure of major projects and in public & private partnership - in the BOT framework a private third-party entity, may
            design, and build the infrastructure as well as operate and maintain these facilities for a certain period. During this honeymoon period the private party
            has the responsibly to raise all finance for the project and is thereby entitled to retain all revenues generated by the project but is not the legal owner of
            the subject facility - said facility will then be transferred to public administration at the end of said concession agreement, without any remuneration of
            the private entity involved - a flowchart follows of parties to any BOT project

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            Custom build your very own Airline, Water & Power Plant, or Military - please visit the links below for all project funding             

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"MRO"           Make Libya Great Again - $50BN Humanitarian Reconstruction Program

"MRO"           Potable Water, Water Desalination + HFO/D2/LNG Power Blocs

"$$$"           Fund All Your New Aircraft, Your New Airlines Here

"CASA"           New Military, Police Housing, Low Income Housing, etc

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