HERCULES C-130 H            

    The 'Chevy' of the Skies  -  a true offroad aircraft      

We have five Hercules C-130 H Aircraft for sale as a package - the package  includes engines & spares  We will not separate or break up the package, under any circumstances - we need to know the country as well as the buyer so as to clear this through the US Department of State - courtesy to all brokers - NCND       PETE


Primary Function     Intratheater airlift.
Contractor     Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company.

Power Plant     Four Allison T56-A-15 turboprops; 4,300 horsepower, each engine.
Length     97 feet, 9 inches (29.3 meters).
Height     38 feet, 3 inches (11.4 meters).
Wingspan     132 feet, 7 inches (39.7 meters).
Speed     374 mph (Mach 0.57) at 20,000 feet (6,060 meters).
Ceiling     33,000 feet (10,000 meters) with 100,000 pounds (45,000 kilograms) payload.
Maximum Takeoff Weight     155,000 pounds (69,750 kilograms).
Operating Weight:     83,000 Pounds
Maximum Usable Fuel:     60,000 Pounds
Maximum Allowable Cabin Load:     36,000 Pounds
Normal Passenger Seats Available:     Up to 92 troops or 64 paratroops or 74 litter patients.
Maximum Number of Pallets:     5
Range     2,356 miles (2,049 nautical miles) with maximum payload;
2,500 miles (2,174 nautical miles) with 25,000 pounds (11,250 kilograms) cargo;
5,200 miles (4,522 nautical miles) with no cargo.
Unit Cost     $22.9 million (1992 dollars).
Crew     Five (two pilots, a navigator, flight engineer and loadmaster); up to 92 troops or 64
paratroops or 74 litter patients or five standard freight pallets.
Minimum Crew Complement     Four - (two pilots, one flight engineer, and one loadmaster)
Allows for a 16 hour crew duty day (12 hour for airdrop crews) (from show at the aircraft to
parking at the final destination).
Crew Complement [airdrop missions]     Six crews will normally carry one navigator as well
and an extra loadmaster in addition to the minimum crew complement.
Augmented Crew Complement     Nine  (three pilots, two navigators, two flight engineers,
and two loadmasters)
Allows for a 18 hour crew duty day (from show at the aircraft to parking at the final destination)

The C-130 Hercules primarily performs the intratheater portion of the airlift mission. The aircraft is
 capable of operating from rough, dirt strips and is the prime transport for paradropping troops
equipment into hostile areas. Basic and specialized versions perform a diversity of roles, including

airlift support, DEW Line and Arctic ice resupply, aeromedical missions, aerial spray missions, fire-
duties for the US Forest Service, and natural disaster relief missions. In recent years, they
have been
used to bring humanitarian relief to many countries, inc Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda.

Four decades have elapsed since the Air Force issued its original design specification, yet the remark
 C-130 remains in production. The turbo-prop, high-wing, versatile "Herc" has accumulated over
20 million
flight hours. It is the preferred transport aircraft for many US Government services & over
 60 foreign countries.
The basic airframe has been modified to hundreds of different configurations to
meet an ever-changing environment
and mission requirement. The C-130 Hercules has unsurpassed
versatility, performance, and mission effectiveness.
Early C-130A, B, and D versions are now retired.

Antonov An-12

The Antonov An-12 (NATO reporting name: Cub) is a four-engined turboprop transport aircraft designed
in the Soviet Union. It is the military version of the Antonov An-10. The first prototype flew in December
1957. Over 900 had been built, in both military and civilian  versions, before production finally ended in
1973. The An-12BP entered Soviet military service in 1959. In terms of configuration, size and capability,
the aircraft is similar to the United States built Lockheed C -130 Hercules. Military Soviet and former
Soviet examples have a defensive tail gun turret.

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   Antonov An-12


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