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< Function Follows Form Aircraft >    

< Stunning, Beautiful Efficient Aircraft >     

The world’s leanest, most economical aircraft wasn’t created by tweaking, it was purpose-designed and built from the ground up -  C Series
is now the most efficient aircraft in the skies. The C Series aircraft’s cutting-edge design, coupled with Pratt&Whitney PurePower® PW1500G
engine, creates an aircraft that is the perfect balance of proven methods, materials and leading edge technology.

The only single-aisle aircraft optimized for the 100- to 150-seat market Up to 18% lower cost per passenger than larger re-engined aircraft with lowest
fuel burn at 2 litres per passenger per 100 km Unrivalled passenger experience Unmatched environmental scorecard, lowest noise footprint in its class
In a regional dual class 99-seat configuration, it is capable of operating in the most challenging environments, serving routes from high altitude airports

<< Very Efficient Aircraft >>     

In attempting to stay ahead of the curve, we have established certain new financial instruments that are bespoke Airline Products - designed by our
team of Private Bankers to help facilitate new Startup Airlines, new Executive Aircraft leases, refinancing of existing Aircraft Asset & even a  New
Leasing Division that specializes in Startup Airlines, for both New and Used Aircraft Leases, as well as Executive Jets and all HOS & VVIP Aircraft.


The C Series aircraft are ultra-modern, from engines to engineering, ensuring that operators enjoy value today and growth tomorrow. The aircraft
is equipped with an advanced flight deck, fly-by-wire controls, advanced materials, Aircraft Health Management System (AHMS), Pratt & Whitney
PurePower® PW1500G engines ... the C Series AHMS has the power to change how airline maintenance crews manage their activities, resulting
in fewer mechanical delays and superior dispatch reliability .... call or email today ....

    < Custom Built> 

                   We will finance or lease any new or used aircraft or provide new aircraft plus finance - your choice - call today

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