Various Aircraft Industry Developments & Newsworthy Mentions

We were all enthralled by the debate that raged when a AF # 447 A330 vanished off the coast of South America on its way to Paris - below is a very good
interesting link - to wit - More jet airplane lightning strikes occur while in clouds, during the climb & descent phase of flight, than any other flight phase
 (see fig. 2). The reason is that lightning activity is more prevalent between 5,000 and 15,000 feet (1,524 and 4,572 meters) altitude (see fig. 3) is airplanes
that fly short routes in areas with high incidence of lightning activity are likely to be struck much more often than long-haul airplanes operating in more
benign lightning environments .....  we source aircraft from around the world - OEM, Off Market, Spot Market, Equity Party Partners, Banks, as well as
various defaulting Airlines, who need to make peace with either, or both of the current Duopoly players - as with any major brand,  it is more often than
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In attempting to stay ahead of the curve, we have established certain new financial instruments that are bespoke Airline Products - designed by our
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Leasing Division that specializes in Startup Airlines, for both New and Used Aircraft Leases, as well as Executive Jets and all HOS & VVIP Aircraft.

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