Hercules C-130 H

We have five Hercules C-130 H Aircraft for sale as a package - the package  includes engines & spares
We will not separate or break up the package, under any circumstances - we need to know the country as
well as the buyer so as to clear this through the US Department of State - courtesy to all brokers - please
mail for more details - no tire kickers or buyers without proven funds - NCND available as/when required                        

Huge Opportunity to Purchase C130 Engine Inventory & Parts - FAA Licensed Repair Facility

A key feature was the introduction of the T56 turboprop, which was first developed specifically for the C-130. At the time,
the turboprop was a new application of jet engines that used exhaust gases to turn a shafted propeller, which offered greater
 range at propeller-driven speeds compared to pure jets, which were faster but thirstier. As was the case on helicopters of
 that era such as the UH-1 Huey, turboshafts produced much more power for their weight than piston engines. Lockheed
would subsequently use the same engines and technology in the Lockheed L-188 Electra. That plane was a disappointment
 as an airliner, but quite successfully adapted as the P-3 Orion patrol plane where speed and endurance of turboprops -              

   C130 Angels        T56    

We have 12 x T56 engines plus another 100,000 new parts worth some $50m - the engines alone are worth over
$15m - we are looking for a quick cash settlement - please call +2783 7777 800 - we are ready to deal


We provide a comprehensive world-wide service for P&W  RR & GE Gas Turbines - in the aviation, marine & power industries
The latest equipment, the best operators with the latest knowledge, short turn time, plus that entrepreneurial spirit, and affordability
that is required for operators to achieve maximum reliability and lowest cost of ownership.

In-house capabilities at the dedicated Engine and Free Turbine facilities include overhaul and repair, inspections, modular maintenance,
and component and control repairs - we also maintain the largest inventory of bespoke parts for the above this also allows for quick
turnaround, even lease of assets and rotable equipment, enabling operators to minimize downtime or even upgrade their equipment
through established exchange programs - the facility has the resources to disassemble, repair, inspect, balance, and reassemble turbines
expeditiously, to free-up turbines, and associated components.


· Rotor and/or assembly balancing utilizing the latest computerized balance equipment

· Non-destructive testing (FPI & MPI)

· Dedicated Quality Assurance Department


We have the tooling, equipment, and trained personnel to perform removal and installation on all major components and
modules. In many cases, engines and equipment can be repaired in the field, saving valuable downtime.


We provide advisory technical services and instruction to enable client personnel to complete hot section inspection/repair
 operations. borescope evaluation of the compressor and turbine sections allows the customer to benchmark equipment serviceability.


We recommend annual full functional checkout, calibration, test, and adjustment of all engine/free turbine control and protective
devices to ensure maximum reliability and proper function - we can supply all necessary tooling and instrumentation to perform audits.


We have the experienced technical resources to perform or assist in the selection, installation, and consultation for:


· Calibration and testing of vibration monitoring equipment

· Monitoring and evaluation of mounts/alignment

· Trim balance

· Full heat rate, testing and evaluation

· Unit operation capability tests

· Gas generator, compressor, and turbine operation evaluation


· Starting system maintenance/repair

· Removal/installation of gas generator or free turbine

· Lube oil system flush/cleaning

· Fuel system changeovers

· Gas turbine maintenance management and preventative maintenance program development/implementation

· Assistance with R&D projects applied to GG/FT operations or maintenance

· Unit refurbishment, relocation, or retirements

· Upgrade and re-power gas generators

· Controls Upgrades

Our maintenance philosophy, methods, and work programs are modeled after the Original Equipment Manufacturer's recommended
guidelines. Our quality systems assure our customers that they will be receiving work done to the highest standards. We are certified
to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and meet/exceed U.S. Mil Spec MIL-I-45208.

Includes a fully equipped overhaul shop to support the Pratt & Whitney industrial GG3, GG4, and GG8 Turbines as well as a fully
equipped overhaul facility to support the LM2500 and LM6000 & LMS100 Gas Turbines.

We have new/used/rebuilt P&W JT8D-217C & 219C, RR Allison T-56  RR Trent GE T-58/T55 & Lycoming T-55 for sale

New Rebuilt LM/TM2500, 8,000 hour warranty - exchange with core $3.5m-$5.5m - immediate delivery    
New Rebuilt LM/TM2500, 8,000 hour warranty, for sale outright $10.5m - immediate delivery anywhere

  GE Modular      CAT    


GE LMS 100 gas turbines, 50/60 Hz, 100 mw, 7400 Btu./kWh Immediate - used - from $22m ea
GE Frame 7FA combined cycle plant, New, 60 Hz, 300 MW, gas fuel, complete GE steam turbine, HRSG  Unused  $41m
10 MW Solar Mars 100 Turbine, 60 Hz, Deltak HRSG, gas  Unused  $4m
GE TM 2500 GT, mobile packages, 22.8 MW,  50/60 Hz, dual fuel, water injection  $18m ea
GE 10 gas turbines, 60 Hz, low hours, 10.4 MW gas  Used    $3.2m ea
GE 2500 GT, 60 Hz, 25 MW, gas fuel, rebuilt with warranty, Rebuilt  Warranty  $15m ea
2 x Rolls Royce Proteus GT, 50 Hz, includes Zero hour overhaul, trailer mounted, 3.2 MW  liquid fuel, gas    $1.3m  ea
2 x GE Frame 7 FA, 171 MW each, Model 7241, gas fuel, 60 HZ, Low Nox   New  - call now    
4 x RR Trents 64MW New Generation  Full Factory Warranty  - call now                                                   
+ 2783 7777 800     
4 x GE Frame 130MW 50Hz & 60Hz   New in the wrapper  - call now                                                  
2 x GE LM 6000 45MW  Plug & Play - 3 day setup - for in-situ site or floating barge

20 x Caterpillar G3520C Types - please email for more details                                                


Any used, low-hour Boeing 777, 747, 737 for aircraft conversions
Any used, low-hour Airbus or Boeing Freighters
Any new, almost new, Airbus A320/200 - 2008/2011

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