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     Make Sudan Great Again - Huge Reconstruction Project To Restore Sudan To Its Former Glory ...

      ICA has the capacity to supply all the component parts & funding that Sudan requires in order to fulfill this
      Major Reconstruction Undertaking
, most of the equipment required is already in ICA possession in various
      warehouses across USA, Europe, Middle East, ready for instant deployment, installation and commissioning




ICA - New Production International Harvesters/Tractors/Trucks - Kindly submit any formal requests to our Group CEO directly                        


"HOMES"         Affordable Housing for Police, Military, Commercial Buildings, Schools, etc

"Pylons"           Modular Oil & Gas Refineries, Supply, Distribution, NG Tanks, Domestic Consumption

Secure         Unmanned GPS Drone Perimeter/Asset/Road/Military/Customs/Immigration Protection

Secure           Large Civil & Military Works, All Mining, Rail & Road, Military Asset Protection

           Large Perimeter Area De-mining, Clearance For Human Habitation, Protection

          Power Grid, Micro Grid Reliability, Air-conditioning, Potable Water + Distribution

            Large Scale Potable Water & Desalination Plants, from 5MLD ~ 25MLD

           ICA Will Fund 'Make Sudan Great Again' Reconstruction Project in Full

            Boeing Pax, Freighter, BBJ, VVIP, Bombardier, SIM, Ch47D