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     Make Libya Great Again - Huge Reconstruction Project To Restore Libya To Its Former Glory ...

      ICA is capable of supplying all the componentary that Libya requires in order to fulfill this Major Reconstruction Undertaking. In fact, most of the
      equipment listed below is stored in ICA warehouses in the USA, Europe & Middle East, ready for instant deployment, installation, commissioning.

ICA has access to New Production T-85 & T-90 Tanks - please submit any formal requests to our Group CEO directly                        


"HOMES"         Affordable Housing for Police, Military, Commercial Buildings, Schools, etc

"Pylons"           Pylons, Transmission Cable, Switchyards, Substations, Distribution Boards, etc

Secure         Unmanned GPS Drone Perimeter/Asset/Road/Military/Customs/Immigration Protection

Secure           Large Civil & Military Works, All Mining, Rail & Road, Military Asset Protection

           Large Perimeter Area De-mining, Clearance For Human Habitation, Protection

          Large Power Grid, Micro Grid for reliable Air-conditioning, Potable Water Distribution

            Large Scale Potable Water & Desalination Plants, from 5MLD ~ 25MLD

           ICA Will Fund Your Entire 'Make Libya Great Again' Reconstruction Project

            Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, BBJ, SIM, VIP, HoS, Ch47D