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MAGA ....

Trump will contest illegal voting [ballot-box-stuffing] by democrats - he put a task-team in place over a year ago
        The DNC have been harvesting dead voters for decades - all on record - now Trump will take them all to task, and
        reward them all with extensive jail-time

        Fake [CNN MSNBC ABC] Media does not have a mandate to announce the election winner ... this will go all the way
        to SCOTUS if need be  - Biden will soon be back in basement, Harris back with MS13 Gang in SoCal - both to Gitmo
        America is not a banana-republic as obama/soros/biden/gates/soros et al would have y'all believe

        Time to revoke all the MSM/SM Section 230 protection, all the offshore tax exempt perks

        Where was AG Barr all this time .... Fire Him ... he is part of the SWAMP.

        Projected Trump will harvest 340/350 Electoral College Votes + the majority of Popular Votes in a legal recount ..

        75% of America is right-wing/conservative/law & order/republican - not BLM/LBGTQ/ANTIFA/Marxist fruit-cakes


Trump at Georgia [USA] Airport - rock-star treatment - crowds everywhere simply love this guy !!



Latest Poll Map of the election - Ol' Slo' Jo' gonna need a whole new bunch of drugs, tomorrow
               Trump, in Red owns the country - unless the Deep State tries to steal the election via mail fraud,
               and install another disgusting, marxist, illiterate, DNC puppet, along with his half-breed Veep, in
               the White House - like the recent fudgepacker, halfbreed muslim from Kenya - over my dead body


Deranged Biden Baitch - took more drugs than Joe - threatens to leave USA if Trump is re-elected - mind
the door dont hit you in the ass !! The only way these clowns win is via electoral fraud - like the Obama/
Kenya/Scam - time to put Gitmo to its intended use - to house all these Democrat high-treasonists

One never sees Trump supporters looting, burning, destroying property like the Soros/Obama/Biden/BLM/
ANTIFA/Clowns - once the Law & Order crowd take over, the NRA members get mobilized, there will be no
place for these arsonists/treasonists to hide - even Davos is finished - all bets are off - the probability of CW
II is extremely high - time to teach these Deep State Douchebags a lesson they will never forget

The civilized world is real tired of the Soros/Gates/Bezos/Obama/Mugabe/Zuma/Merket/Blair/Clinton/Biden/
Piglosi/clown-car crowd with their LBGT/BLM/COVID-19 soft-military-coup-lockdown BS in order to destroy
western society, our economy, our freedom as we know it, get everybody to stand in-line every week, for
their meager allocation of pork & beans - round them up, stuff them back in their bespoke cages on Gitmo

This process has never stopped since WWII, and really accelerated in USA under the halfbreed muslim

The Deep State is alive & well - time to destroy them, before they destroy the free-world - its guillotine-time

MAGA ....

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