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Unix builds the backbone of most large IT systems, e/Commerce all over the world - the monster Face Book/Alphabet/Google/Twitter/Apple, etc, are
all Unix/Linux based, and would not exist without Unix - even  the MSFT backbone is Unix based. Microsoft/Mac probably own the lion's share of Desk
top Operating Systems, but with the super efficient Unix/Linux Desktop Operating System being developed every nanosecond .... logical consequence
is that bespoke Linux Desktop Operating System must grow exponentially - a simple W7/10 iso is over 5GB in size - compressed - before it is even in-
stalled onto a HDD/SSD - it requires 50GB space and is still useless, except to sit there and hog space, suck electricity, viruses, malware and finally
simply quit - one still has to rent/lease Office 365 to actually do any work, and go back to MSFT school to learn how to operate their wonderful POS !!

Our smaller iso has a full-blown MXLinux O/S + Office + WYSIWG Editor + Browser + Email Client + FTP/SSH Client + ..


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